Kickass Companies’ performance is found to be driven by a focus on growth. One of the ways for these companies to expand their business is through internationalisation.

In contrast to the rest of the pack, Kickass Companies are significantly different in their attitude towards exporting, as they continuously scan for opportunities to sell abroad.

These high-performance companies are found to have implemented business models that are flexible in that they can accommodate changing market requirements.
Our research illustrates that, besides frequent existing messages in the business literature relating to the importance of creating agile businesses in both growing and declining economies as well as hard-to-copy value propositions or value propositions that take a long time to replicate, business model scalability in Kickass Companies can typically be placed in one of the following four dimensions:
1. The firm is removed from otherwise typical capacity constraints of the particular type of business.
2. Partners that enrich the value proposition without zurting profits are included.
3. Stakeholders take multiple roles in the business modThe business model becomes a platform that attracts new partners, including competitors.