Kickass Companies are found to possess specialised knowledge of their customers and their respective needs. As such, they have high customer intimacy, resulting
in a deep understanding of the customer’s situation and desired outcomes. Kickass Companies are found to be superior at optimising the customer’s value
creation by focusing on helping to deliver superior customer value to the customer’s customer.

The idea that companies succeed by selling value is not new. However, Kickass Companies had a significantly greater focus on improving their customers’ business
and helping the customer become more efficient about his/her respective customers. Our study illustrates that the highest-performing companies are able to improve the liquidity of their customers, which is a strong anchor point for cooperation. Kickass Companies have the unique ability to focus on creating economic profit within the “us and our customers” ecosystem.

Finally, the highest-performing companies in our sample are significantly different when it comes to focusing on sales. Their knowledge of the customers is
found to be a crucial resource in this work, and listening to the customer is an important point in creating value-adding processes from idea to final product/service.
In short, Kickass Companies are customer-centric organisations.